A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Dreams come true. 

Wishes do so as well. 

When these two components of fulfillment and longing come together, lives are forever altered, forever changed. 

To look at life through the innocence lens while still owning achievement and personal growth is a gift not many of us own. 

Some children, special creatures of life, are born with the intuitive nature where fantasy and reality can be one, where the magic lost from childhood endures and where life’s possibilities have no boundaries. 

I envy this because as a long lost boy from the Neverland that once was home, I wish I could return to that place between dreams and sleep where imagination accesses all the colors of the spectrum. 

I want to be able to see the landscape of existence with the wonderment of all things positive and all things possible. 

Soaring through constellations of happy and amazement should be the norm and not the exception – I want to believe we can all fly and that the second star to the right is nothing but a beacon that leads us home. 

Why the winds of change have to come and rob us of this gift is one of life’s great flaws. 

Some, however, are lucky. 

Some, however, ignore life’s rule book. 

Some, however, keep all of their happy thoughts –permanently

They will hold on to that magic heart. 

They will hold on to those dreams. 

And yes, life will be different for them as wrinkles crease their face because naysayers of the customary and mundane are rarely popular. 

But life will still  be good. 

And goodness will always flourish in their soul. 

And their wishes will be fulfilled somewhere between the dreams of sleep and the love that never leaves their hearts. 

And because a dream is a wish your heart makes, their world will always be forever magical, forever real and forever all their own. 


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