A Sprinkle In Rhyme

I have to confess I tend to address

My audience with beats and lines

That often times are sprinkled with rhyme

The synergy of my words and meaning

Toward the most obscure or awesome clarity leaning

The hilarity of a thought or note

Finding room amid this board of the literary rote

Mundane ramblings from the well of me

Setting my expectations high and rapping free

Emptying the traffic of the day

Upon the waiting, eager, hungry, empty page

Listening to others say

Something that might come my way

To quote, repeat or use, my muse

The world around me and its content

A bit of observation lent

Coloring my world with hues of inspiration

Showing for my craft a dedication

I’ve rarely employed on anything else

Using words to actualize myself 

It’s good to be self aware

To know what talents we have and what we cannot spare

For as I learned last night amid the rush

I have little talent with a brush 


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