Let The Guns Be Gone

So much emphasis is placed on delivering the message that love is love

In reality, those of us who live aware of the human condition

We get it

Love is Love

There is no question about it

There is nothing to dispute

Love who you want to love

Live with whom you want to live

Carve out your splinters of happy

From your tree of life

With your partner of choice

Instead, more emphasis needs to be placed on this message to build awareness and eradicate its potential thrive

Hate is hate

Hate coupled with intention leads to violence

Violence with bullets leads to death

My right to bear arms should never invite death to end anyone’s opportunity to love and be loved

Death creates a repository for void where love has to be contained and remembered

Love is no longer, in its simplest form, love

Lost love becomes nostalgia

Lost love become grief

Lost love becomes sorrow

Lost love becomes anger

Lost love begets more hate

In the trail of this hate rancor exists

With rancor comes bitterness

With bitterness comes regret

With regret comes lost reason

With lost reason comes revenge

Love is no longer love

The contamination of one bad heart infects another and another and another and another and another…

The illness spreads

Love, hit by a spray of bullets, becomes a bookend and conduit to hate

Hate is hate

End the hate

There is no virtue in its existence or growth

Let the love survive

Let the love thrive

Let the love be love

And finally, once and for all, 2nd Amendment be damned…

…let the guns be gone



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