Game Of Thrones

Eyes are traveling the room as gazes and nods of salute are exchanged, an air of simulated respect crowding the room

The chess pieces are aligned on the board and the players look intently toward the landscape of play to make their moves

This is a game of second guessing the second guess because not one person knows how it will end

Everyone comes to the table ready to play, thinking they have the upper hand, thinking they have all the right moves

Still, we are at a standstill as we watch nothing happen

Nobody is willing to make the first move or own the error or glory that might come with decision

Interestingly enough, there is a missing piece on the board so we wait until the piece is found; however, not one person in the room is looking for it 

The minutes tick away as everyone politely smiles at each other ignoring the obvious

The game cannot begin

I finally figure out this is the strategy

The game is not to play, not to engage right now

The missing piece is dictating the action or lack thereof, this standstill is deliberate, this inaction is the game

Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen are to stay immobile, indefinitely until the missing square is filled and somebody makes a move

There is no forthcoming checkmate in this endeavor as players, advisors and spectators are witnesses to a mere lack of play

That is the game for this throne, it is a game for the wait and as we look around the room we realize it is also a game…

…for the watch


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