How Lucky We Are

Thoughts thoughts thoughts

Words words words

Sprays of self professed ingenuity to match the spray of terror

Gotta get ’em out before the idea dissipates into a cloud of nothingness

Rendering my moment of found muse useless

My brain is on  overdrive –  the pulse of Orlando – the lights of Paris –  the sadness in Istanbul – these sights directing traffic

Where have we found so much hate from which to draw energy?

How did the W O R L D  become such a small place full of heinous acts?

Halfway through a rushing year and we’ve seen so much senseless violence on our TV screens

(As our veteran musicians are also ever absent to  document the soundtrack of this haze)

Seems almost befitting that time should have stood still

Giving us time to take it in

This is all too much for one heart 

(Mama can you hear me?)

I’m almost glad our forthcoming youth is desensitized to global events, ever busy looking at their small screens of fight

(Wars they can win as we lose their attention)

Perhaps struggling with language and basic skills might be the solution

Perhaps discord cannot breed where communication and common sense fail to reside

I surely don’t know much other than to feel a twinge of discomfort every time I sit on a flying seat

I soar the skies praying for the comfort coming from heaven yet I only find it when my ass is on the ground and those engines have stopped

(Open that door please)

Don’t give in to the fear or they win they say

Makes no sense to me in a place where there are no winners to be found among the wings of the much too soon angeled 

As we close in on this Independence Day, I’ve never felt more dependent on my worries

So I look for outlets that give me moments to sing

A love’s birthday, a forthcoming journey to a second city or even a moment where rainbow colored founding mamas tell me how lucky I am to be alive right now. 

I hear them in my head and I want to believe this… still, the traffic rages on and there is no exit in sight

🎶 How lucky we are…indeed 🎶


My apologies – the original said among the rubble of the much too soon dead. Anger wrote this line. I later changed it to among the wings of the much too soon angeled.  Thank you Awi Lam for speaking to my head and making it talk to my anger and to my more sensible heart. 


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