Easy As Life

There is nothing more simple than a table. 

A flat surface, elevated and supported by possibly four wobbly legs, standing upon what could perhaps be even shakier ground, serves as the place to meet and partake of another human being. 

Tables, despite their often maligned and challenged relationship with a tilted floor, are easy.  

The more who sit around it solidify its search for stability. The arms of many sustaining the table at a level, comfortable position, make it the best place to gather. 

Add to the plain structure a plethora of food, drink and merriment and the table becomes a conduit of affection, nourishment for the mind and body in a random buffet of the savory, the sweet and the intangible. 

Tables for some are like a stage. 

They give us the chance to entertain, to share ourselves and to sprinkle those positive bits of our soul across the linens that dress its formation for others to sample. 

Large gatherings are not always easy to manage, but the table gives us an anchor from which to find stability and from which to meet on a level playing field – eyes meeting eyes, glasses clicking together amid endless toasts as reminiscences and future plans bookend the conversation. 

There is nothing better than to sit before a table of friends and family and laugh out loud taking in bites of anecdotes as easily as we sample appetizers. 

Gathering to welcome those who have crossed miles to meet us is especially rewarding and satisfying, for the site serves as a temporary place where we can all bring a piece of home, literally, to the table, making it one large welcome mat. 

When all is said, done and finished, all we will remember are those times around the many tables that have offered their welcome, the people who have graced their perimeters and the life that has been lived over morsels of  good food and even better company. 

There is nothing more simple than a table. 

In fact, most tables are as easy…

…as life. 


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