The Delicious

The taste of wholehearted satisfaction is defined as…


That’s all I want around me. 

I want people who are as delicious as they are unique, as unique as they are special and as special as they are different. 

Delicious people add layers of complex, nuanced flavors to our lives. 

The deliciousness of the person is not in a tangible taste for the buds, but rather in the palette of spontaneity and affection they inspire. 

It is in the moment where a turn of phrase elicits laughter. 

It is in the instance where all vulnerability is stripped away and the raw, real person stands before us. 

There is deliciousness in truth just as there is deliciousness in the tiny, little white lies that color our anecdotes. 

The veracity (or lack of) of an episode in our day to day reflects the many tastes that balance our human experience. 

We live for the delicious. 

We seek the delicious. 

We crave the delicious. 

We long to be the delicious for someone else. 

We aim to be a morsel of appetizing tenderness for another. 

To hold the art of deliciousness in the exchange of our affections adds a degree of scrumptious to the love we give and to the love we make. 

Life is a banquet with an array of varied people who fill our plates of life. 

With them we want to compose those perfect bites of our existence. 

We want to embark on a culinary journey of emotional magnificence that has nothing to do with food. 

We want, we need, we seek.

Without restraint we lunge full force toward the wares of a well lived life. 

We have become what we crave. 

We are the delicious and life tastes…



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