The Me Of Me

900 entries spun from my brain

They remain intact upon this page

As I celebrate another year that now brings me  to five

How I remember those first entries

Cleansing musings from the school of thought

I bought myself an audience

Unleashing words like a vengeance 

Breaking down fences 

Surrendering all my defenses

Doing something just for the love of it

It was a new concept for me

Made me and makes me beyond whole

How did I not know sooner 

How words could change my perspective 

Irrespective of the outcome

How quickly I’d come undone

Finding challenge in putting the pieces back together

Using self expression as my tether

To all that was gifted in me

I found this voice that hit notes in depths I dared not breach

A talent not found in speech 

But within reach of screen and paper

A pause on the immediate refrain

Allowed me time to edit and compose

Letting passion find repose

Before the petals of the written p-rose

Bloomed upon a stranger’s page

What a gift I had been given

To understand that I could liven

My experience enhanced in the oft times unwelcomed share

Those posts that sauntered from the unhurried place

That location where my head and heart found common ground

I found what I was looking for and what I’d grow to be

What’s more, in documenting all the days of Juan, I found the me of me


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