I Wish I Was Home

When I think of home, I think of a place where there’s love overflowing

My perpetual crave for you is so palpable

Iberian tentacles hold my soul hostage

You wrapped me up in your charms so completely

I can’t get you out of my thoughts

The air I breathe at home appears dense

Compared to the carefree breaths I took under your setting suns

Those moments at your many bars where small plates of happy were served appear to be a distant memory

I long to travel your lands via rail

I ache to walk the streets of your cities under brilliant lights and ambient noise

I yearn for the north, south, east and west of you 

Something changed in me after you

Nothing can ever be complete until I see you again

It doesn’t seem fitting that I didn’t know you for my first fifty years

And it seems even less fitting that I might not have fifty more to dedicate to you

I miss you with every toast I share with my friends

I miss you at every meal where I deliver raucous laughter

I miss you in my quiet moments and I miss you in the stress of my days

Te extraño, plain and simple

Spain you made me feel like home

I wish I was home…


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