Ditto Reflections Sans Joe

I’m awake

Out of bed with the urge to write

Filled with the energy to deliver some inspirational message on getting older and wiser

I’ve pretty much said it all before

Blessings, check

Happiness, check

Love, check

Family, check

Friends, check

In fact, it’s a ditto reflection on my life where to write anything more about how benevolent destiny has been with me would sound like gloating

Then, I remember 

My soul is doing triple somersaults and the smile that has come across my face is frighteningly wicked

I hear the ding, ding,ding of a slot machine hitting a progressive jackpot at its peak and my tastebuds are bursting with excitement

I have my own personal, mini lemon bundt cake that my friend Martha gave to me waiting in the fridge 

I’m going to make a cup of coffee and in the silence of my birthday morn I’m going to savor the tangy lemon frosting and the succulent, deliciousness of the citrusy cake

Life is perfect

Yes, this will sound like gloating

Bundt cake, check

A chorus of angels is singing above me as I make my way to the kitchen only to hear their singing come to an abrupt stop

I’m out of coffee

The last pod was used last night as I was celebrating how lucky I was to have blessings, happiness, love, family and friends

Little did I know that someone was having that last cup

Little did I know that my morning would be altered in a way impossible to explain to those who don’t enjoy a cup of joe


And while I know I can go buy some coffee, the beauty of the moment is gone

The smile has waned

The excitement has been curbed

The circus like acrobatic feats my inner Juan was performing have subsided to a mere juggle

Lucky is the man who has blessings, happiness, love, family, friends and a personal, mini lemon bundt cake

But luckier would be the man who had all of these things and a cup of coffee as well


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