CHamilton Redux


Winds guide my step as I travel the second city

My wife’s hand in mine as the promise of winter plants a smile on her face

Next to us my sister’s child finds confidence in her gait as she takes in the sights

Downtown energy feeding her deep-dish dreams of youth

Guiding us to the marquee where his story is making theater history

Brought here by buzz from the other city where stages are king

Tickets burning holes in our pockets sewed up by the threads of anticipation and the smile that encompasses the kid’s face and my wife’s excitement

(I’m excited too)

We look around and take in how lucky we are to be alive right now

But we will have to wait for it and tell the story of tonight at a later time

For now we enjoy some of the succulent bites this city has to offer as desperate hunger has also joined our party

Later we rest from our early flight morn and prepare for our night out

We walk to the venue as the law of supply and demand forces us to take separate seats away from each other

We watch and we donate three hours of our life to art

Our eyes on history as actors rap how history has its eyes on us

We are transfixed and transformed as we become a part of the narrative of the story that I write today

This is the gold standard of performance and writing and movement, oh my!

Not happenstance, not that Hillary and only Hamilton have brought us here

As a birthday present to the best of wives and best of women

We have traveled to the town of Chi for this very moment and that should be enough

But now I understand why this is called the second city

Now I understand why we have come here

Because before tonight’s last note has been uttered and the standing ovations have begun

I know we will do all of this again tomorrow

In the second city

For a second time

And something tells me it might never be enough



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