Always Taught Me Something

There was discord across the land 

What to do, what to do?

How to make the left or right choice that would define  the path of a future?

Based on the war of words it was inevitable not to pick a side

Experience versus bombastic rhetoric versus lies versus truths versus you’re wrong versus I’m right

Further fodder from the smear campaigns created snowballs tumbling down the avalanche of  confusion as well

How did we get to this moment as the world looked upon our folly?

Superpower amongst nations and here we were hosting a circus with an orange clown and that unlikable teacher we all remember

Some felt both choices were not right in this three ring spectacle 

Others were pretty adamant about their selection 

Some decided it was best not to participate in the game but that was akin to whispering in a crowd of noise – ineffective

Some felt it was best to choose neither and go with the independent thinkers

That resembled eating just one French fry – it would leave you with a good taste in your mouth but it would never be enough to bring satisfaction

So between orange clown and  mean teacher many sat observing the antics of the show

Some people were entertained by the clown

Some couldn’t look beyond the stern teacher who was rigid and unyielding

I made my choice early on and I have no regrets

I never liked clowns…

…and even my most unlikable teachers always taught me something 


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