Run On Yvonne

Opened my eyes this morning only to realize that I was falling into you just like I did on that day so many falls ago when we told the world to join our tilt-a-whirl of a life when you became the wife that history had foretold for me if only for me to see that I had more reason for me to be just who I was intended to be and on this Sunday of repose as I scoured my mental musings I chose this topic to write about wanting to shout it out from every corner of my geography how you chose me to be that one who would fix the undone who would face all the challenges and inbalances fate had destined in your path to unleash my wrath on anything that would attempt to hurt and deceit you my belief becoming all that the church of you was professing me confessing to all how extraordinary you had taken underwhelming ordinary me and drawn the lines that made it all complete especially me who came with fragments and dangling participles that added ripples to the language of our love and the music of our oft not symphonic discourse with notes in octaves of despair and care and experiences that made us more than aware that fate had its own plan for this woman and this man a story deviating from the norm adorned with longing and with loss colored by infinite shades of sunlit yellow that mellowed and tempered the storms we had to weather leading us to another Sunday where my throat is sore as you score the wares going into your soul cleansing soup ah what a coup I’ve accomplished in my life with a woman who feeds my heart and soul with endless bowls of love and her that I hope will go on and on just as this sentence finds no end and I find no valid reason to not keep celebrating you my best of wives and best of women


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