Rich Blessings

Oh how I know you’ll get to heaven

The path for you is more than clear

I’m sure that there are those on earth who pray in droves

To drive the darkness from your tainted soul

Just as Angels line the gates

To speak to Pete on your behalf

I’m sure that they remind him daily

That you are, who you are, solely for laughs

I’ve seen the kindness in your heart

It certainly is not what sets you apart

From truly benevolent beings who line your path

But still you don’t deserve His wrath

You cannot help yourself as this is how you’re drawn

With ragged edges and deep muted  hues

Helping you stick out and and not belong

For you sit amongst the rare, uncommon few

You are quite special

Your presence clearly rich

It’s hard to believe you came from Her

Instead of from a B named witch

Yet in my heart there is nothing but affection for your distinct kind

For you force me with my limited vocabulary to be more wise

I don’t know what the fates might have in store for you

Perhaps you’ve given it no thought or pause

But I will pray that gifts of the kind deserved by you

Are written into your life’s blessings clause

For you the son of sainted sister of my father

I know that in my life, like you, there will never be another 

So there’s nothing left to do

Than to say that I, in my space of words and prose

Will send you all my blessings

I suppose


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