What Was Not Unsaid

I’ve been blocked and mocked and ridiculed and ignored for having beliefs and ideals different from the norm

I’ve been belittled by my faith which has more than often strayed in all the days that I have grazed this earth

I’ve been drawn to support the unwise and the demoralized because the different have voices too all worth listening to

I’ve never been about the common message or the rote lessons as sitting in a classroom always led me to take my thoughts on journeys of digression 

I’m a complex listener who finds the note that didn’t get hit or the tone that lost a breath on its way toward belt or run

I read and write as much as I love and fight because passion cannot be contained in a bleeding heart or in a thinking brain

I’ve never refrained from using my voice in the argument or confrontation that might further the discussion upon which happiness might enter my creation

I’ve spoken my mind so many times it seems to be on constant loop that won’t rewind with energetic words that somehow never find repose

Who knows if this what I’m meant to do because I don’t how to do anything but what I do

I’ve tried to stray from this path of voice but it is not my choice as the snowball has found slope and this avalanche is beyond my scope

I’ve not embraced the popularity that comes with clarity or definition as the variety show that plays my mind books guests who sell derision

Still I find myself in moments where the message I convey finds its way to those who want to listen

Christened and sponsored by the Godfather known as conviction where phrases line the page and the message finds fruition 

So there it stands in a completed post which humbly this writer hosts in hopes that someone will care to read and pass along 

Whether the message is right or wrong it matters not,  as I’ve learned through my travels on the page that what matters most is not all that’s left unsaid, but what was not


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