Tomorrow Is The Day To Find Grace

I am an American and today is the day. 

Today is the day to change the course of history by casting our votes and watching them be counted. 

We need to do our part. 

Tomorrow, hopefully, barring any unforeseen voting issues, we will wake up addressing one of our candidates by the term of President elect. 

Then the work begins. 

We will have to move past the negative energy that has been expended on running this difficult race. 

We will have to learn to respect the Office of the President once again and feng shui its aura back to a place of positivity. 

When I was a kid we had a local TV channel, three National networks and the newspaper from where to draw our news. We were informed but not saturated. We didn’t know every detail about every moment on the campaign trail. We were given time to ingest to then digest the information given us. 

It was easier to revere out leaders and much more difficult to figure out where our loyalties would never be placed. 

The first political scandal that I remember vaguely was Watergate and I remember us being shocked as we watched our president resign from office. It was a sad time for our country. 

These things mattered. 

Unlike today, we were not apathetic toward who would take the reins in the Oval Office. We were not this angry. We were not this dejected.

We were engaged to move foward whatever the outcome and I remember the enthusiasm of spirited campaigns. 

I was a kid in grammar school when we celebrated the Bicentennial. I remember learning to play Yankee Doodle Dandy on my recorder and I remember our 1776 Pageant. 

Of course, I am remembering these events through my memories of youth and not from the full vantage point I have at post-fifty. 

Still, I respect the office of my President and whether tomorrow it is one or the other who gets to move forward in the game of political chance, I will move with them. I believe, it is my civic duty. 

I’ve made it quite clear that I’m With Her, but if today the election proves otherwise, I will lick my bruises, nurse my wounds, swallow my pride, dust myself off and while I can’t say that I will ever be with him, I will give him the respect his newly elected role deserves as I move on to do my part. 

I am an American and while today is the day to make history, tomorrow is the day to find grace and preserve it. 


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