The State Of My Union and Pizza

Twenty-four hours in and its all good

Not good like I have a perpetual smile on my face, but good like I know I’m making my way back from the borough of grief

I don’t know if I’ve gone through all the stages yet, but this is recovery on steroids because I don’t want to be in a place of fear for a long time

The only way to embrace defeat is to open your arms long and wide and accept it, take it in and look toward what comes next

The what comes next part is the hardest view because the blinders of concern don’t allow us to see beyond the unknown

While this cycle takes me on a perpetual wheel of thought, I have to get off the merry-go-round for a bit before I make myself sick

I almost ate an entire pizza last night and I would have consumed it, had there not been others watching

This is my go to solution – I hop on to the train of ‘pobresito me’ and stop at all the stations to find my fill

Somewhere between the corner of the Pepperoni & Sausage Court and Cinnamon Bun Avenue I leave a trail of dejection and despair as I ride these rails on a loop

This cannot happen because come Friday I know I will be stationed at Martini Court and the combo of food and drink binge is not going to change anything except my waistline and my health scores

Neither Secretary Clinton nor our President Elect are going to get on that treadmill with me to burn off all of these calories nor are they joining me at the bar to discuss policy


I have to go on a hunt for the positive and happy person that I know I can be to ensure that the State of My Union is strong

I have to go surround myself with the love of people who despite their differing opinions from mine are the borders of my emotional country and the allies of my mental health

I have to laugh and I have to laugh heartily because despite all of my reservations there is much in where to find humor

I have to love this strong, insightful woman who stands by my side as she looks up from under the glass ceiling waiting to be shattered and we have to mutually remind each other that the State of Our Union is also strong

And I have to say no to that second third fourth fifth slice of pizza because to consume it would just deliver me into a world of excess and debauchery…

…and that my loyal seven eight readers is exactly what I’m running away from…



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