And Now I’m Done

I hate that I’m counting mornings and looking at life in twenty-four hour intervals. Not that I didn’t do it before, but they have somehow become more vivid for me since late Tuesday evening. 

Yeah, I’m one of those who has continued to beat the dead horse. 

I’m going through my stages and it certainly is getting better because that is what we do as humans when we fall down. We get up. 

In an effort to push myself  to write  this morning, I asked this question on my social news feed last night – 

“Almost 48 hours in since the polls closed on the East Coast, would you vote any differently now that you know the results?”

I received some insightful responses and some that were, plain and simple, not that insightful. I respect everyone’s opinion so I didn’t comment. I watched. I was a voyeur in my own little social experiment. The same cast of characters showed their hand. Honest, passionate and conflicted people surround the borders of my life and I like it that way. 

Did I agree with everyone’s commentary? No. Was I offended? No.  Is it going to change anything? Not likely. 

Later in the evening, I continued reading news, traveling through social media feeds, watching videos and looking at images of our country. My experiment and my travels through information led me to this:

This election was never about a Democratic or Republican dispute. I love Republicans. The bulk of my family share Republican beliefs and ideals and I adore my family. I share Republican beliefs and ideals from a fiscal vantage point, I’m a lot more liberal as respects social issues. 

This election was never about the popular vote or the electoral college or the constitution. 

This election was about not perpetuating hate, something that we did through the campaign and something that has continued through our post election results. All sides share blame. We made this behavior customary if albeit, not acceptable. 

Pundits are now saying that our President elect cast his rod, baited it with hate rhetoric and subsequently reeled in the faceless, voiceless, people of non-color who supported his messages of misogyny, racism, exclusion and divisiveness. It was a supposed, pointed strategy to divide and ultimately conquer. 

Well, divided and conquered we stand and unless this improves, divided and conquered we will fall. In my entire adult life, I have never seen the rage filled images that crowd our airwaves. I think it’s time to pray and truly, I hope the pundits are wrong. 

By no means am I naive, I’ve studied history and know that for any great change to happen we must have dissension and outspokenness – I simply never thought that freedom of speech meant freedom to hate. I never thought that we could justify fighting ‘the establishment’ as if this were the Wild West. I never thought we would take the great sofrito that lines our melting pot and find a more deeper flavor by adding splashes of  white vinegar. 

I’m a little scared. I’m a lot heartbroken. And now, I’m done. 


Happy Veterans Day!


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