I Can See Clearly Now

I’ve been quiet in December, trying to let the season take over and put a smile on my face after a challenging November. 

I’m glad to say that this month has been successful. 

Despite this being one of my busiest times at work and the daily news continually challenging my mood, I’ve opened up my heart to the holidays. 

I’ve let the light in and I’ve let the music guide my steps. I’m jingle belling and rockin’ around my Christmas tree more than I usually do because to do otherwise would just be wrong. 

This is the time of year to rejoice and to be glad for all that surrounds and colors our world. 

I’m looking for all those shades of happy that highlight my hours and remind me that being alive is the greatest of gifts. 

I’m almost gushing with contentment because I’m learning quite late in my journey that the road is best taken when speed bumps are met with optimism and not fear. 

I can’t change much of what is written and preordained for me, but I can change my reactions to my story. 

I can choose to look at the bright side. 

I can choose to embrace the positivity. 

I can choose to be happy. 

I can choose to let my heart be light and put burdens on the back burner. 

I’m sorry it took me so long to see this. 

But I can see clearly now and the road ahead looks…



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