Dot, Dot, Dot

…what to say, what to say?

Let’s start with the truth. 

I never knew you. 

All these years in and I don’t think I ever had the pleasure. 

Yesterday I learned you had passed on to that place where all is meant to be better and immediately I thought of them. 

I thought of your legacy. 

I thought of someone who takes warmth and affection to the deepest of levels despite being separated from us by some distance. 

I thought of someone who dispenses the best hugs. 

I thought of someone who gave us her kids, even if in jest, even if a very long time ago, sitting in a Magnolia House. 

I thought of someone who sought me out when she knew I was facing career challenges to offer me her time, her wisdom and her support. 

I thought of that someone who never fails to be gracious, someone who always embraces a wicked, quick wit and someone who was apparently taught from an early age how to deliver affection from her pantry of good. 

I thought of her and what she must be feeling knowing that you were now gone. 

I thought of your granddaughters, strong, vibrant, pale, fair-skinned, richly colorful beings who line the streets of our journey with a genuine presence and who surely must carry so much of you within them. 

Alas, I didn’t know you and for a brief moment I felt cheated. 

But because of that strong legacy you so unselfishly shared with us all, I realized much. 

Your influence did touch our lives. 

You contributed to the wealth of sentiment that adorns our lives. 

You enhanced our lives. 

You gave my world a tale of a Mayflower maiden and her Cuban husband, you gave my world my child of tumultuous Red and you gave my world the pseudo daughter Yvonne and I always wanted to name Veronica. 

You did all of this for us and we never even knew you. 

And for all this and all that is yet to come, we will be forever grateful…


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