Off To La La Land

Every new year we must learn something

It seems like 2016 wants to have a clean canvas of education

Erasing art as if it had been created with water colors

Liberating our world of those so many fools who dreamed

Creatures who brought smiles and wit and pathos

Stars who took us to stars and back again

Singing to us in notes now so richly engraved in our psyche

That we knew we had to have faith

Singing in the purple rain of grief thrown our way

We saw our happy days go somber as our TV Moms and Dads went to celestial planes

We saw the greatest go in a brave last fight

We saw a final sunrise sprinkled with a dew from a candy man who would dispense sweets no more

So many souls cut short from their earthly toil that…

I dare not continue… for you, 2016, you still have time to retaliate

You still have time to continue darkening your string of lights

You still have time unlike those you have transported to their own version of heaven

Those you’ve taken to that personal La La Land where artists find their muse

Frankly, I don’t think I will miss you much

But I will miss much of what you took from us

(I will miss the light you took from me and mine)

And I guess that is your legacy and your lesson



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