Comfort And Peace

Ringing in the new

Dispensing of the old

Morning begins with a conversation with Him

Solitary souls in a much too empty church

Still find solace in words about peace and new beginnings

I’m so grateful for the light that guides me these days

Finding joy in the little things and in the multitude of smiles

Beautiful souls who line my path and line my days

Sure, stuff happens and the center is tilted but that is life

One constant gamut of change that defines are daily pages

We have to go with the flow and discard the bad

It is so much easier to embrace the bowl of good given us when we pick out the unsavory

I know I’m getting older because simple and easy provide more happiness than struggle and toil

My ambition now is to leave a good mark where I walk

One that will be appreciated and remembered 

One that draws people toward me because through the cracks in my surface they see light

And in that light they find…

…comfort and peace

Happy 2017 to all!


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