On this morning before the world as we know it begins again in all of its full force

I sit quietly in a corner of my house looking back on the past few weeks

Holiday celebrations, gatherings, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, cocktail hours and more

Moments of social interaction where our heart muscle was exercised and worked out

Allowing us to engage with a deep affection, in abundance and without restraint

It’s been tiring and hectic and often times just plain crazy

We’ve entertained enough during this season to feed one hundred

Yet on this morning of quiet with overnight guests still crowding the walls of my home

I’m a contented man looking forward to the hustle and bustle and newness of January

Embarking on the journey that we hope will allow us to do it all again

Working on that perpetual collection of souls that Yvonne and I seem to curate

Adding more color to our world in hues of smiles and laughter from initial strangers who leave as friends

I’m tired this morning in a way that is welcoming and satisfactory

It is the feeling one has after much toil with visible accomplishment

I’m getting sentimental and crotchety with time because I demand more of these moments

Moments where life is lived in the company of others

Times where the intangibles are key and the material is irrelevant

Why it has taken me this long to define the life I want I will never know

Perhaps clarity is the return on my investment of fifty-one years

The vivid examples of yesterday remind me of the goal and save for one, I’ve made no 2017 resolutions

I want to be with the company I keep

I want others to want me to be the company they keep

And if in the process a three-olive vodka dirty martini makes its way into my hand, then…



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