Points Of Light Find Their Way

Fright hits home like a ton of unexpected bricks

Work colleagues, friends of friends and family impacted by unforeseen violence

All brought forth together by a confused, angry mind

While not all ends well as most tragic stories never do

The points of light known to me covered under this veil of sudden darkness

They reach their redirected destinations despite closed roads and guarded exits


Traveling the most tired of miles to hopeful, restfull sleep

We can’t help but see His grace on this day of Epiphany

Reminded yet again that collective asks from the immense universe

Can and will deliver positive results

It is humbling

Lessons learned so early in the newness of the calendar

Still, we take a step back

Breathe a sigh of relief

Garnering  acceptance for the detour that lead to initial fear and ultimate safety

Welcoming the dawn

Welcoming the morn

Grateful that greater ugly was prevented

Praying that we see less of it each day

Praying that we not see it anymore

Praying that our points of light find their way

As those three wise souls did very long ago


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