The Emperor’s Old Clothes

The knowledge of couture was alive and well at the Golden Globes last night.  

Instead of worrying about The Book and honing in on her fashion sense, Miranda Priestly told the Emperor last night, in a very public forum, that he was naked.

True to form, the Emperor started tweeting and let the world know that this Prada wearing Devil was nothing more than an overrated flunkie who at one point had supported his  fashion challenged pantsuit wearing opposition. 

Why there was a need for him to continue to speak of his opponent after the Globes seemed inappropriate, since clearly she was a People’s Choice Award recipient. 

Unfortunately, since the Emperor was in his birthday suit, his overwhelming need to defend his poor fashion choice did nothing to put him on the best-dressed list. Instead, he dug into Miranda using his favorite and overused adjective:


After the tweets, the Emperor and his crew of ill-stitched tailors started fabricating the appropriate ripostes to discredit Miranda. Following the same patterns used to dress so many other instances where the Emperor had encountered criticism, the tailors cut and pasted the same old arguments to envelop the Emperor under a robe of orange light. 

Still, the Emperor remained naked. 

These efforts were greeted with the typical enthusiasm the world greets a crash and burn on the fashion runway and while nudity is a classic and timeless look, on this Emperor it was a  huge (pronounced: yuge) mistake. 

The Emperor had built an entire campaign on this fashion choice. He was known for shooting from the hip, for speaking out of turn and for throwing tantrums. 

He was also known for being naked. 

Miranda knew this and that is why she called him out, publicly. 

He could have reacted in a manner in which an Emperor should behave. 

That was not to be. 

The Emperor took the kick from the Golden Globes as a very personal hit to two other small  orbs, those located just due south, had he been wearing any clothes, where his belt buckle would have been holding up the pants of any other, more righteous man. 

That’s all…


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