If And Where You Lead 

Having spent many weeks upset at the face of our nation after our election in November, I wanted to write something positive on this subject. Given the opportunity to speak to our President-elect on the day of his inauguration, I would deliver this message to him. 

Standing under the umbrella of patriotism, sheltered from the storm of change

On this morn of division and recognition and admission into this exclusive club

We implore you to quickly rise to the occasion 

Develop the thickness of skin to withstand the rain of inevitable disdain

Refrain from dropping the mic and having the last word

Leave your celebrity at the precipice of this cliff of decorum from which you must leap

For your rhetoric should lead the conversation, never forcing people to change the station or not laud you with the ovation your office deserves

Embrace this momentous page of history where you have been invited to leave your mark and leave it in the permanent ink of goodness

This victory was not obtained on a lark, but with the song of mass disappointment finding voice through notes of electoral votes once silent

You have been anointed to lead and lead you must

Speak intelligent and listen with even more wisdom

Find the path to grace through the quiet and start again

This is the country of the comeback and you’ve been hired

Take the moment you’ve been given and own it bringing us into the forum of polite discourse

Let us remember you not for what you may have lacked, but for what you brought to our country’s table of missing wares

Spare us the rehashing of what was and take us to the possibility and different look of what can be

Use your words and not your digits, prove me and so many others wrong

Make us eat crow and it will be a supper from the Gods as the America that seasoned our bloodline returns

Unite these divided States and create a legacy less on failed apprenticeship and more on tangible accomplishment

Walk the walk as closely as you can, emulating what has been done before you, for there is virtue in routine and protocol and precedence

Have the wherewithal to embrace your victory without the constant ripostes to your naysayers

They are there to keep you honest and true, embrace their challenge and  work to bring them to your fold

Make them look forward to the wrong of their ways in the judgment of your ways

And while not all will come to your table, you have obtained the prize and it is yours to keep as well as yours to lose

Reap the support of the American grace that has a face from the shores of Miami Beach to the apple orchards in Washington, from the barges in Maine to the winds of Santa Ana, from the muted cry of a baby to the deliberate steps of an elderly woman

This is your country to guide

This is our country to represent with pride

This is our country and you are our President and we expect you to hold your own

Take a seat in the office you have earned and be Presidential not in title but in execution

Dispense of the eventual expectation and leave a positive mark on the history to be taught in the future centuries which none of us will see

Learn the value of the trust placed in you and lead us to value your legacy

There is still time

Today we live the first minute, of the first hour of the first day of your presidency

And we live these moments together

So lead




It cannot be stressed enough

If you lead and lead well

We will travel together to a common place

Where the great America you say we lost and the great America we always knew was here will meet

These Americas will join under the winds of change and the roads of common ground to deliver the heartland we all so desperately crave 

It is a place our forefathers promised, a spot for one people, under God with liberty and justice for all

It can be yours to help deliver and ours to help embrace

If and where you lead


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