You’ve taught me much

You gave me voice and language and footing on solid ground when I didn’t have the privilege of homeland

On this morn where the winds of change hover over your great stretches of earth as a citizen…

I wake

I breathe

I sigh

I pray

Let wisdom guide our leaders and let tolerance enter our homes as a different era of governance becomes the norm

The reality of this reality means different things to different folks, but we can all agree that  the compass has found a new direction on which we must all embark

We may be headed for bumps in your road toward…

Places where silence will meet noise

Places where discord will flourish

Places where actions may require protest

Places carefully unfolding the many whys for the one who that has disrupted our daily whats

Through battle scars only a mother could receive from her children you will inevitably thrive

The veil under which you’ve shown your face throughout the world has been permanently altered

Still you will remain fascinatingly beautiful

You will remain blessed

You will remain strong and true

You will remain you


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