A Place Quicker Than My Worries

My soul has been calmed. 

Derailed by a too stressful life that at times gets the best of me, I had to travel to the only place that moves quicker than my worries. 

I have battled the bitter cold, won the war of the heaters and found a balance between cocktails, wine and sparkling water. 

I’ve gotten my taste of Artichoke Pizza, said no to my usual Osso Becco, sat leisurely in a secret Gin joint and walked through the streets of laughter and light one too many times.  

My sojourn in the world of pretension has vacuumed the lint off of my tired exterior and given me loads of memories from where to draw smiles. 

I am ready to go home because to continue on this path of joy and excess would render it all too mundane, too familiar. It is nice to know that I can belong in this place where I don’t belong and look forward to the next time. 

Sipping coffee, slowly, I chuckle silently as I recall the simple exchanges with travel companions who had no clue on Friday this excursion was in the cards. 

Today, Sunday, the morning where I should have been in church, I’m praying in a different venue and still I know God is good as he grants me these moments of sanity and clarity. 

It’s been fun as it always is, as it always will be when we frolic in this adult playground, but the time for reality draws near and the Wizard’s balloon will soon leave the platform and take us home. 

And once we are home, somewhere in the back of our minds we will say to ourselves as we look around…

‘I don’t think we are in New York anymore.’


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