I Am Found

We all have them.

Quirks, traits and behaviors that we are not going to change.

These contribute to our fallibility quotient.

That is the score that places us on the number line scale of likability.

As we are viewed by others, we also exemplify our redeeming qualities.

This is the redemption quotient.

When fallibility and redemption are averaged our likability score is improved and we start looking more attractive to our audience.

I am a walking cluster of fallibility.

Nowhere is this more evident than when my passion guides my actions. I throw judgement out the window and move forward at the speed of light.

I forget the trail of deception I may leave along the way as pave my road toward righteous indignation.

It is a definite flaw.

I live with it.

I own it.

I write about it in the hopes that my being self aware scores me some points and allows me to learn and perform a course correction.

But I have redeeming qualities too that I deliver with the same aplomb as my flaws. I also use passion for good.

At times, it can be my superpower.

Most of the time, however, I am nothing but a walking lump of sod finding his way in this world. It is a quest, if I am to be honest, that never gets any easier.

So I travel the line of likability watching my score fluctuate from day to day. Some days the score is higher and I am beloved, other days I face challenge in the affection buffet.

Still, I’m on the line and whether I go left or I go right, somewhere on that line of likability I am found.


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