The Light Speaks

The light speaks. 

The pictures say it all. 

The child  has an inimitable, innate smile. 

It’s big and grand and stands present when happiness spreads out its welcome mat for her. 

There is much to be said about a happy child, long before they enter those transition years where they wear the badge of individuality front and center in a challenge of rebellion. 

Until then, we are treated to rays of light that emanate deep from the core of a life well lived. Unbeknownst to her, she holds our hearts with just a glimmer of that shine.

(she always did, she always does)

Her look echoes the generations before her and holds the promise of the generations to come, finding her footing in the foundation of love from which she leaps to embrace each day.

(imagine her bestowing the love in the photograph to her own child one day)

The stills remind me that time is fleeting and that children will find their way to the roles they are born to play as adults, but I hold on to this capture where four quadrants of promise come to life and I celebrate parents who can create this environment for their kid. 

This is where all roads in childhood should lead, to those places of fortune where the backdrop is irrelevant as long as the laughter, smiles and vibrant life jump from the page and sing their truth. 

I’m always been enamored by pics that illustrate our human condition and speak volumes about the power of family and the irreplaceable moments of a child welcoming their budding soul to the forefront. 

This is one of those moments and I am humbled to catch one simple ray of this light and try, hopefully successfully, to give it voice on this canvas of words. 

The light speaks. 


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