Of all the characters who line my walk, he is one of a kind

Part drifter and part grifter but wholeheartedly real and human to the core

You know he is worried when he takes a deep breath and runs his fingers through his hair

Adding a little cough to clear his throat

But those worries he keeps them private because he is a solution man

Never one to bring a damper to any party, he chooses to be its life

Loving his spirits a little too much at times, yet there is rarely a moment of anger thrown his way

He’s Rahjaaa – who can hold him in contempt of anything when he has charisma of this caliber?

He can command a room with his Yeah, Yeah, Yeah and the laughter that follows when he enjoys his own jokes

Selling you a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge as you open up your checkbook – willingly

He’s my staple from a childhood so picturesque it seems unreal to me in recollection

So real it was and what a privilege to still be sharing our stories in our fifties

Cousins are bonus siblings and in my extended big fat Cuban family he is a vintage brand

Sired by one of our favorite uncles, he channels his legacy in subtle ways we recognize and cherish

So today on the day of his birth, I relinquish a page from this site just for him

He deserves it

He’s earned it in my book of life

Besides, he’s Rahjaaa, and if you knew him, you’d give him a page from your book too. 

And, you’d probably pay him for it and never think about it twice. 


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