Find Another Fool


It is the night for fools who dream

Where the artists of words and celluloid come together to celebrate film

I remember wishing to make it there one day

Why lie?

I still wish and that is the beauty of tonight

Seeing all those other fools making their dreams come true

My heart goes out to them

Recognizing how they gambled with fate and won

Denying a path down the conservative road to embrace a quantum leap into the stars

So many of us watching from quiet darkened living rooms

Imagining how it could feel to be up on that stage 

Receiving accolades from peers who applaud one’s work

It is one of those someday dreams that we carry in our valises of hope

I don’t know that I will ever be old enough to give up on that hope

Seeing that endless screens await the words of many a fool

(perhaps mine)

I am one of those

Forever branded and tethered to the world of art

If only by way of folly when responsibility permits a holiday

One of those many

A single solitary soul who dreams

For that someday when foolishness alters my fate

Until then

Tonight will have to be enough

As we find another fool…

…who dreams


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