Third Wheel In The Third Decade

You asked me if I realized 

Just how long

Just how far

Just how much

We had managed to amass over three decades on this road

I told you I wasn’t surprised because it felt like we had just started the trek

Them we both recalled the many who had gone

The many who had joined our fold

The lessons we had learned and those we had ignored

Recognizing the feeling of yesterday that should have felt more aged against a today that had come much too quickly

I told you what I missed most about myself, about you and about us

You agreed and disagreed all in one response

You nursed your red as I bit an olive

The spirits adding to the nostalgia wrapped in happy that sat with us at the bar

Today the third wheel in our midst, the once-distant-stranger, now a permanent passenger on our journey

Breaking through the dense fog of reality to pinpoint the mist of moments most important

Reminding us that the once we create has to be enough because this once is all we get in these current costumes we wear

So you nurse the red and I bite the olive

Putting our heads together to plan a simple tomorrow as the third wheel knows his job for tonight is done


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