Back To The Future

She’s always looking back

Measuring the distance from where she was to where she is

Planting her feet firmly on the ground, wondering if the earth will be right beneath her

The road of balance feels odd to her

It’s been a long trek before she found this exit

She goes on and on about the journey that brought her here

I tell her to stop talking about what was

Take in the now

Focus on tomorrow

Stop celebrating the progress made from yesterday, for it is so not a thing anymore

Realize that the distance between earth and sky is the same we all share

She is no longer yearning for up from hell

She hasn’t for a long time now, but this still remains unrealized for her

She has to get out of her own head

She has to erase the address to sabotage from her internal GPS and embrace the newness of this freedom

Her new normal
If we can stop looking back 

She can stop looking back

And if she can’t stop looking back, than I have a suggestion

She should face her past, look at it intently

Without moving away from the past, she should turn her head and look behind from where she stands

Look behind

Look back

Look back to the future

It is there, it is time and it is welcoming her with open arms 


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