I Hope She Was Listening

I smell the familiarity that pervades the air

Two martinis in and I think she’s mastered my taste palette

Her name is Mari and she’s shaken two of the best dirty infusions I’ve had in a while

(At least since last Friday)

She delivers just the right amount of vodka, olive brine and vermouth to deliver liquid heaven to my tastebuds

We talk as drinker and mixologist often do

(As I speak to anyone who crosses my path)

Sitting at the rounded bar where she peddles the place’s wares

Somewhere in the background Gloria is asking me to get on my feet

We’re waiting for our Red kid who is visiting from Jersey

Excited for the evening to come, but first this stranger crosses our path

I learn she arrived from Cuba at five and that today at twenty-four she has dreams that will soon take her away from this bar

In describing a craft beer to one of her coworkers she uses a play on words that catches my attention

(I mean to add it to my quote file, but forget to do so)

In the haze of a much too fun evening, I remember it in a less interesting format this morning

“Looks like a light beer but tastes like a dark…”

I still chuckle because her the naturalness of her delivery still resonates with me

It was a writer’s quote

I share it with Yvonne and we both laugh

She tells me she’s a budding writer

She’s thinking of launching her own blog

We give her one bit of advice coming from the wisdom of our sojourn in the kingdom of fifty-plus

Don’t wait – start today -write – let your voice be heard – go follow your dreams 

And as I think how one of those magical martinis might taste right now

I hope she was listening

Image 4-9-17 at 4.22 PM






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