Watch Out For The Wall

Peace breaks out and is totally misunderstood

There is virtue in quiet and in actions so mundane they embrace boredom. 

Life doesn’t have to be complete chaos in order to feel alive

I can enjoy living while I nap in the comfort of my sanctuary

I don’t need to analyze every instant and every reaction

The boogeyman isn’t out to get me

If you want to do your own thing, go do it

This is your life too and as far as I know, there is no instruction manual

Don’t force your ways on me and I will not force my ways on you

Unless I see you running into a wall and I might tell you

‘Watch out for the wall’

Still, you might be into that sort of thing, running into walls

You might like self-imposed challenges

Who am I to question your garden of choice

As long as the weeds from those decisions don’t start to bloom in my space, we are good

‘Till then, I will take my peace and watch it spread like wildfire

I will let the timbre of my calm be the loudest noise you hear

I will touch base with the nature of my psyche and smile into myself 

I will let the whispers of personal joy envelop me  in song

And I will watch you hit that wall and applaud your sense of self

As hopefully you will applaud mine


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