Day Of Birth Prayer

So the calendar said she was a year older and she chuckled

It felt like a decade had been amassed in these past few months

It wasn’t time that had elapsed quickly, but rather spurts of decision and will that had cluttered her schedule making everything seem too fast

Making room for herself had never been easy once she had sold her selfishness at maturity’s last garage sale 

Opening the door to a reality that included challenge and illness had acted almost like a beacon for focus

She couldn’t say she had been overjoyed at the experience, but she didn’t want to waste the lesson

She embraced the opportunity and looking at her weathered self this morning she welcomed the reflection looking back at her

‘Not bad at all’ was all she could say

She dispensed of the clichés that could have defined this moment and celebrated the waking self she saw in the mirror

There was beauty in every line across her face and there was hope in the weak smile pursed lips delivered

Courage had inched its way into her life allowing those ducts of tears to flow solely for her bloodline – never for herself

She was too determined, too scared to give in to the fear and give it life outside of her mind

Somewhere, elsewhere, an errant soul heard the silent, fierce howl of her determination and channeling her strength he wrote with abandon

He wrote about her

He wrote of her plight

He wrote of her inner worry

He wrote so that she knew that in her silent fight she was not alone

There were soul punches thrown in defiance of adversity

There were hope shots taken against challenge

There were distant words that aided in the course of recovery and these words, dried ink from the writers well were given a name

This name was prayer


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