Mother Nature

The rain comes quickly

Unexpected, unannounced, it blisters the sky and begins to pour in droves

Darkness engulfs what were once white, pillowy clouds

The TV signal goes away

Internet performance is sporadic and choppy

The weather has decided to turn on the earth for a few brief moments and I am witnessing all of this through my window

I have people on the road so I worry

I hear the car pull into the driveway and I imagine the rumbling of umbrellas to make it to our front door

She walks in, unencumbered by the inclement weather

She’s prepared for the rain

She’s planned ahead

A quick snack on the lips and she’s off changing into her ‘night’ outfit

We are both comfortable, under cover and protected by the elements

Then we hear it

Then we see it

Thunder so loud, bright and strong it erupts and shakes the house

It leaves fire in its wake on the pole it strikes

The rain stops

The sun emerges

We’ve been rendered silent for we’ve felt the earth shake beneath us

We’ve seen fire come from the sky

We’ve seen the wrath of Mother Nature show its true colors

Never, ever will we underestimate her again




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