The Journey

Travel light and see the world

Scavenge through the discarded parts of earth to encounter the places where you find home

Pack your love and camera, making memories along the way

Leave a bit of your soul in every place you visit

Drop a stone along the path to help you find your way back

Amass a geographical map of rememberances, sights, sounds and smells that instantly transport you

Use your imagination to revisit those places you simply cannot forget

Use home as a refuge to refuel your wants and energies but go see the world

Sometimes the world is right outside your doorstep and sometimes there is the distance of miles and continents

Still, the world offers a menu of options and each should be available to you

Do not waste your time on this earth staying put for fear of the unknown

The unknown lives in every future minute we encounter

Embrace the unknown and make it yours, adding its experiences into your valise of souvenirs 

Be cautious, be mindful of your surroundings and know your limitations

But travel the world

Set foot in that place you’ve always wanted to see

Step forward onto your breach of restraint

Push yourself toward the distance

Breathe air from a place so foreign to you it fills your lungs differently

See the sun and moon from an alternate view

Admire the sky from land far above the ground where the altitude takes your breath away

Go see the world

It knows you are coming

It knows you are there

It awaits your presence as much as you await the journey


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