Early Evening Musings

Lunch with an old friend while my best friend feels neglected

Eating more than ever but making better choices five days a week

Haven’t left on my next vacation and already planning another and another

Extremely busy at work but feeling more productive than ever

Walking more miles daily but enjoying sitting a great deal

Singing to myself and seeing notes in my head while wishing for the silence of my song

Longing for the sound of waves while hating the feel of sand on my feet

Crossing stages and blocking moves while writing other people’s dialogue on my computer screen

Taking inventory of everything I simply do not want anymore because need and want are now divorced

Admiring that bottle of wine looking for the moment there might be reason to open it

Thinking of Jalapeño stuffed olives and the Vodka and Vermouth in which they will soon bathe

Tastebuds longing for a dinner that is taking much too long to cook itself

Yearning for the weekend that is chock full of plans as Monday looms around the corner reminding me time is fleeting

Dancing a paso doble with my thoughts as I second guess every other word, a supposed sign of insanity or genius

Writing as an appetizer to my hunger and as a dessert to my day

Clearing the traffic of my brain onto the open road of screen

Early evening musings finding parking spaces in the trappings of my page until morning comes with a new set of thoughts



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