You Will Be Found

I know you can’t help yourself

You find a song in everything and your feet move to the beat of hidden notes

You write because you must

You paint because the brush cannot help but move under your guiding hand

You sketch because the pencil sees lines your mind has drawn

You’ve crossed stages to clean them and to leave your heart in the delivery of one line

You know what it is to strike a set, to dread the notes after a performance and to know when you’ve nailed it

You, better than anyone, know when it was not your best

You’ve danced with abandon and found that being light on your feet fueled the fire of your soul

You know the highs and lows of putting yourself out there to the mercy of critics and audiences alike

You’ve suffered and gained unlimited happiness for and from your craft

You’ve left many a stolen moment upon days that are no more, where someone felt you should have done something more productive

You talk to yourself and imagine what will happen on page, canvas, set or stage

You’ve used adrenaline to propel you to fight fear and you’ve used emotion to help you find rhyme

You’ve been so many people and yet you are one, unbalanced by human nature’s folly of creativity

You see light and colors and words and phrases and movement differently than most

You seek to deliver truth under the spotlight of fantasy, a dichotomy your being accepted at birth

You were born, already lost to the adventures you couldn’t help but pursue, and it is in that loss of direction where forever…

As curator of your personal masterpieces…

You will be found



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