I find hope and the embrace of a new day in each serving that comes my way

Coloring my world with the trails of Brazil, the mountains of Colombia or the rainforests of Hawaii I remain faithful to the crop

I taste the depth of your lands and pinpoint that spot where you developed your taste

A taste that comes to my home via postal delivery

The pretension of a society of convenience entering my door and me welcoming it ever so quickly

Waiting seconds for the brew made just for me, a concoction of heat, speed, water and aroma drawing a smile of anticipation on my face

Dripping slowly,  but determined, into the partially chipped mug that also offers comfort in its mundane familiarity

I don’t dress it up anymore, learning to drink it straight and not letting sugar or cream cloud its purpose

It is one of the small joys of my life and one of the select indulgences I allow myself each day of late

It helps me to write and find my muse of the moment

It helps me to read and digest the realities of our world

It helps me to think and focus

It gives me comfort in the greatest moments where silence is my only companion

It provides silence when the noise of the world has become too loud

It is my friend and I wrap my hands around that mug and hug it fiercely

The warmth on my hands is a preview of what is to come

My tastebuds beam with anticipation before my first sip

My world is changed forever once the mug reaches my lips

And when that first cup has been downed

I am all the better for it


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