And Yet It Is Real

I take her away every year

Let her run from the reality of today

The hotel room sends a message

It should get easier

It has not

Why you had more of an impact than most is clear

You are of her generation

A group that should still be here, partying and laughing along with us

Instead you hover from heaven and protect

Thank you for reintroducing me to faith and God and the goodness of people

I wish you were here to see my progress

I guess you are 

For I sometimes feel you in the silent moments of my life

Your mother will never be the same

Humanity is not meant to experience grief of this magnitude

It pains me so times to see her

Your love, she goes on, tentatively 

It is remarkable how strong she seems at times

I’m sue it’s a ruse to fool us all

Not one of us understands her loss

Today you would be celebrating a milestone

We would gave sung for you and applauded your accomplishment

Age is a feat we should all master

You were chosen for another path

One where you are missed

One where you exist in the void where once you walked

So today we celebrate and pretend that all is well

And it is all well

Except you are not here

And we are

Something that might not ever make sense

And yet it is…



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