When He Shines

He’s not always the most expressive of people

Quiet, inward, observant are words that can describe him best

He loves a great meal and loves his wine, whether or not it pairs well with the food

He knows what he likes and he is unapologetic for it

He loves fiercely and with understood demand, without restraint

If you are his, you are his and he doesn’t have to make a big deal about it

You should know how he feels and there is no explanation necessary

He’s a man’s man who loves his sports and loves his weapons and loves his cigars

He is protective of his family and believes in the roles we are born to play

He was a good, loving kid who grew up to wear the cloak of responsibility with pride

His conservative beliefs don’t belong in my gene pool and yet there they swim, also unapologetically

He is ethical and fair with a penchant for the best as long as he can find the stellar deal

At times I wonder what became of that boy who was so special to me

At times I find him in his son and I find him in those moments where he abandons the intensity of his look

(It’s hard not to miss what we knew so well and has now been revamped by maturity and time)

But he’s there and I find him in the drop of a comment that says the foundation we gave was laid perfectly

He’s there in those moments where a Pub offers a nice draft that he’s been wanting to try and the grin of satisfaction appears

He’s there in that moment where he looks at his wife and kids in amazement and wonder

He’s there when he smiles because something instigated humor

That’s when he shines and that’s when I know the little boy I knew is still there…

…and still here


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