It Is Life

Taking a page from life and simply writing about the strife

Daily challenges that offer balance to the good and bad and otherwise in between

I like my stress relaxed enough that I can manage the discord it spreads on the plate

But of late my menu option is not to be, but rather a buffet of reality that strains to please

This palette for the senses of time and tenses is often times a hodgepodge of dichotomy

The worst of me is summoned when I have to balance the integrity or the density of the problem

Uncommon to my psyche, they are at times a puzzle and the struggle is more than real

I feel my soul taking the bullets of tacks as I pin to the rack all the dos and don’ts upon my back

Where is the savior to shield me from the duress that enlivens the heart and makes me perspire

Mired down by a moment of weakness I attest it is not an easy task to give in to the mess

Embrace your garbage and toss the rubbish finding immediate cleanse in the bend of the trash lid

Midstream through the journey is the air of relief that hides in the absence of peace

A place I know well because the swell of traffic in my brain finds no reprieve

Despite my belief that all will always be well as long as I’m well aware of my grief

To know the monster is to tame the beast

To say the least is yet to come is perhaps the best inspiration for strengthening the resolve

I will absolve myself of sin and give in to the strife of life

It is inevitable

It is suountable

It is life



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