No Panic At The Discord

Early flight and lack of sleep hoard my senses
Child is up and ready
Never has a teenager had more energy
The city that never sleeps awaits these weary travelers
Vagabonds of the theater and lovers of all stages
Separated by nearly four decades
Genetics proves to time and distance that it is the winner
The sky is calm in an eerie way when this much excitement is in the air
Still the landing gear finds the brakes before we hit the Hudson and on land we are
Concrete jungle welcomes in the sweltering summer heat
On a journey to embrace the boots that will ultimately lead to a kink in our plan
After a proverbial bagel and schmear of cream cheese that rivals a scoop of ice cream
We walk the wayward streets of Hell's Kitchen
We find shade and breeze and not too much heat on this Wednesday morn
Lunch finds us enjoying Osso Bucco while everyone around us has salads
It is their loss, our gain and an example of debauchery that is only allowed in this city
Later at the theater we celebrate adulate our Panic At The Disco frontman when he walks in another woman's boots and steals the show from Lola
It's a good day and the kid, on the cusp of fifteen, is happy
The rain begins
The city is wet
Flight tonight will probably be delayed
I expected it
Notification comes
It is delayed
Uber to airport early bypassing Artichoke pizza for another visit
Route to airport is sunny, calm and good
Upon arrival there is an aura of discord as crowds are speaking to agents, lines are long and noise is plentiful
A few hours later we are not going home as the word CANCELLED appears on my phone
I look outside and there are no planes on the tarmac
(No planes)
No flights to go home until Friday night
No hotel rooms
Barbara, Ricardo, Denise (twice), Veronica, Alex, Niko, Oscar, Mercy, John are names that run through my mind
Work worries take over
I engage my support system
Yvonne and Chris are finding us a place
The crowd is rising up and the air of discord is strong
I will not panic
I can do this
This will be an adventure for the kid
This will be our story
There will be no alarm
I will get us home even if I have to drive there
TodayI reflect
Today is her birthday
She has a story about planes, trains and automobiles
She has a story about how I found a room for us as the cab ventured toward the hotel that had turned us out seconds earlier
She has a story about sleeping in her clothes
She has a story about how I taught her how to read airport signs and train schedules
She has a story about Penn Station, Newark, Old Navy and laundry
She has a story about her, about me and about us
She has a story about New York
And she learned that in the heat of the moment you do not join the crowd, you always stand apart, you find your position of poise…

…for there is never any room for panic at the discord of others


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