Juan 50: The Power Of Once

When I was writing the posts for the Juan 50 project, I tabled this one because it was, I felt, too obscure. After going through yet another death in our family these past few days, I realized that this depicted a celebration about the people who make the most of the dash between the two […]

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Juan 50: I’d Be Okay

If today were the last day of my life I’d have to say That it’s been one helluva a ride Along the way The people I have known The places that I’ve seen The love I’ve had to give What a chance it’s all has been To grow and to evolve A being in this […]

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Juan 50: My Mission

Because I write about what’s right or wrong How sometimes I just can’t seem to belong In this world of all glossy perfection I cannot hide the ugly light in my reflection Spilling my truth in public droves It’s much more easy to suppose I’m a touch too sensitive a person Why this might be so […]

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Juan 50: Mother’s Day

The lines across her face The slowness of her gait Remind me time is merciless Odd wisdom in her ways Is lost on me some days I wish I was more patient My heart for her is full A steady guiding beat One of my beacons When I seem to lose myself I seek her […]

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Juan 50: Good Night Gracie

Each night he walks into the place Scoping out her face Wanting to see what day the gaze Says that she’s living Sometimes she is pure grace There’s nothing to delay This day from being a good one At other times she’s lost She’s searching through her day Seeking in his face One simple answer […]

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