I Will Never Be Thin

Yvonne made dinner for me. Rather, Yvonne made a drum.  It was not the rat-tat-tat kind, but more like the yum-yum-yum kind.  Rachael Ray would be proud.  Basically, she boiled Rigatoni until it was just al dente, coated the noodles with Olive Oil and grated Parmesan and allowed them to cool. She then proceeded to […]

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The Waffle Waltz

   Wet and dry items mixing together to combine Flour, buttermilk, eggs, lemon juice, vanilla, sugar and that secret key ingredient A lumpy and grainy batter with just enough texture to look scary Don’t over stir or they could dry out I remind myself I can smell the crackling bacon frying up in the pan […]

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Day 111: The Chicken Dance

Fried chicken is damn near perfect food. Now, I did not say it was healthy food, but it does reek of deliciousness and confounded ‘scrumptious-ability’. The aforementioned word being a compound adjective meant to define the chicken’s skill set to withstand its sinful flavor. Soaking the fowl in a bath of hot oil is perhaps […]

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Day 48: Flavor Variations

Every couple of months we get together with frienmily (family who are also friends) to celebrate Lazy Sunday club. We eat, drink and do nothing. Most of the time I nap in between bits of food here and there, sharing the triumphs and woes of our lives with people we love. We plan trips we […]

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Ally’s Anonymous Post

I have a neighborhood haunt I frequent at least three times a week called Ally’s Comfort Cafe. It is a small, diner looking establishment that serves, as the name says, comfort food. The hostess of the place is Judy (Ally’s mom) and the Cook (she will tell you over and over again that she is […]

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