The Silence Breakers

Noise contained is nothing but noise Fear its opposite Silence contained is like a ticking bomb It waits It demands attention It will find volume It will find the boom Sometimes by showing the carnage of emotional damage Sometimes by muting the colors of an otherwise healthy soul Silence breaks out and when it does… […]

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More Of A Heaven Thing

Privacy and discretion be dammed Pictures, scribbles, notes, posts and quotes They line these virtual pages of my history My contribution is abundant as I get caught up in the likes and comments Not totally an open book, but generally accessible for viewing the hues of my life I put all the colors out there […]

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The Voice

I woke up startled The dream had been too real There he was, alive Talking to me I heard the voice Clear as day Crystal clear as a forty-year old absence can deliver from the depths of a once child’s psyche Asking him where’d he’d been all this time Shooting questions faster than he could […]

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The Daily Good

Sleep escapes me Stress has found residence in the courtyard of my brain and has befriended worry and fear Strange bedfellows who enjoy the coffee I can’t seem to stop drinking at night Poking at my thoughts and posting on my wall of concern The graffiti of a normal, mundane life with elements ranging from […]

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Today they have free reign There are no breaks on the activity they enjoy They will appear (I’ve been waiting for you Juan…) They will speak They will hide amongst the fakes They will pass right by me and make me wonder Is that one of them or is it just another teen having fun? […]

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We Are Guilty

Caught red=handed I welcome you to stare You can even judge if you see fit That might be how you roll I won’t question your motivation Even as you might question our desire This is the simplicity of a complicated, messy love Two people bound by a choice made long ago An initial decision perhaps […]

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Just To Save Face

They were gone. I stopped writing. It happened overnight. I had nothing to say. I had nothing to share. The scars of guilt plagued my face, aware that I had abandoned my platform of creativity. This wasn’t the usual writers block that appears out of the blue, creating frustration and pent-up hostility toward the blank […]

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