The Boxer

That punch to the gut comes quickly and without warning. It leaves you breathless. It renders you immobile. It leaves you wondering how you could just stand there and not see it coming. You prepare for the moment. You train. You make yourself stronger. You know these things will happen. It has happened before. It […]

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His Not No

No. Harsh word. There is a finality to it that is difficult to process. God’s No is harsher still. It comes from a divine place with a definitive anchor to reality. It’s a parental, unfair decision. No and why and why and no and prayer. Response and question and question and response that God doesn’t […]

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Brave New Rented World

It was dark in the auditorium. A little candlelight might have been nice in order to find our seats. I took my niece to see a production of Rent last night at one of our local High Schools. When I first saw Rent in New York it appeared to tackle themes that I never thought […]

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I’m A Survivor

Somewhere between the red in my glass and the glowing red being before me I find inspiration to write again. I’ve been quiet since our lives were disrupted on that painfully red Valentine’s Day and I had not felt like writing. Too many lives lost, needlessly. It played like a loop in my head. Red […]

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On a day of love and friendship we shift our focus to broken hearts. Where sprays of flowers should be lining the path, we hear how yet another spray of bullets brings lives to an untimely demise. It angers and brings forth feelings that are indescribable. I fear for all my kids who walk the […]

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My Dance Of Goodbye

I am wailing in sorrow with a wide, guttural yell that falls into a raspy whisper as I hit the note of a tremulous crescendo. In my mind I am stomping my feet in protest to my exit from this welcoming Andalusian countryside. It’s not my first time on this side of the world, but […]

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Again And Again

I’m in Spain. I say that quite simply with all the emotion that comes with this statement. I love Spain. It is a love that I cannot rightfully explain nor do I quite truly understand. I’m not a history buff or a bar hopper, but in España I become both. Wine, coffee, tapas, monuments, tombs, […]

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