Conroy, Conroy

Conroy. Plain and simple and complicated. One of my favorite authors has died. Pat Conroy wrote  books that I read and re-read, devouring the lyrical language that was printed on the page like a moviegoer eating popcorn. I could not get enough. I never lived in the South and  never understood the mores and customs […]

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The Shadow Of The Wind

I just spent the most fabulous days through Barcelona and Paris, made new friends, made some enemies and learned where to eat the best croquetas in all of Spain.  Interestingly enough, I never left my house.  I read a book and I daresay, perhaps, without robbing John Irving or Pat Conroy of any merit acquired […]

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A Special Poem: If

As I stay in my poetic sharing mood, here is yet another piece of writing that always manages to get to me.  It reminds me of someone very dear to me, who somehow took a father figure in my life when my Dad was gone.  It is simplistic in its message yet it speaks profoundly about […]

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